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Business Bootcamp

The business operating environment today is undergoing rapid change, driven by a range of shifting factors that feature both within and beyond the control of central decision-makers and management. For some, these changes present opportunities for them to realize their vision for their business(es), while for others the changes are hard to figure out and stay on top of.
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2 day Business Bootcamp


Take charge of your business & your performance.

The course will aid participants to view the business big-picture, define or revisit the existing plans of operations, understand the expectations of key management functions, explore management principles and practices for results, and develop an implementation regime to drive performance moving forward.

The way of doing business is changing. The ‘triple threat’ of covid, climate change and technology are reshaping business environments and the basis of global trade. Business decision-makers need to keep abreast of these changes, and drive changes to benefit from emerging opportunities, or just stay competitive.

The course gives a practical, contemporary view of business and management to drive performance with real-results – in real time.



  • Explore your strategic management environment and intent, as you define the intended business deliverables for your operating period
  • Understand the expectations placed on management and central decision-makers today, and for the future
  • Develop a plan that considers your competition and engages your customers, to drive performance and growth
  • Define and develop programs to manage your business resources for optimal impact – Financial, information and human resources



This course is suitable for business owners, entrepreneurs, company executives, management and technical professionals (across engineering, social media marketing, supply chain, consulting, legal, medical, education, security, hospitality, facilities and other freelance professionals).



Your facilitator for this course is: Mr. Faheem Mohammed

Faheem has over two decades of experience in strategic management and technology consultancy, and leadership roles, across agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors.

From multinational organisations to enterprise start-up ventures, Faheem draws on extensive exposure in entrepreneurship, technology, management, finance and adult-education sectors, where he was responsible for organisation design, programme and service design and execution. He has also been involved in strategic planning interventions and facilitation at the national, sector and firm levels.

He has actively designed and executed research, consultancy and training programs for national and commercial sector clients, leading engagements to stakeholder groups including vendors, customers, regulators and partners. He work has taken him to countries throughout the Caribbean, North and South America, United Kingdom, the Indo-Pak subcontinent and Asia.

Faheem is currently pursuing his Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) at the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business. He has a MSc in Strategic Business Information Technology and a BSc in Management Studies, among other post-graduate certifications.



This is a live online course, using Zoom lectures and application exercises. On registration, you will have access to the links, study and other materials available for this course, through your account. Course particulars include the following:

  • Dates: Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th March
  • Times: 9 am to 4 pm
  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Lectures: 4 sessions
  • Level: Intermediate
Course materials
Who is this course for?
This course is suited to existing business owners, general managers, executives and entrepreneurs (both full-time and part-time) - persons currently involved in business activity or not-for-profits, and want to improve the organisation's performance and results.

It is not suitable for persons who are not involved in the central decision-making of a firm or ngo. If you are thinking about starting a business, or are in the formative stages and have not yet started trading / operating, you should not register for this course.
Prices are quoted in both US and TT$ - whats the price and what currency can i use?
The course price is listed in the information available on the site.

For processing payments, cards issued within Trinidad and Tobago are charged in TT$, while cards issued outside of Trinidad and Tobago would be charged in USD. We use WiPay payment processors - find out more at http://wipaycaribbean.com
What will we cover on the course? What are the intended outcomes?
We aim to enhance performance in key ways:
1. The role and expectations of the central decision-maker
2. A practical method of assessing your stakeholder environment - customers, competitors and regulators
3. Common challenges and ways to improve your core business value and service to customers
4. Key techniques in ensuring you have the right resources available to you when you need them, to realize your objectives
Will i have access to study materials? What does this include?
Yes. We make all study materials available on our platform. These include Slide Decks, Tools used in the respective areas, and links to other resources as required.
What accounts would i need to access?
To register for the course you would need to create an account on PDMAcademy.com.

To access the live sessions, you would need the Zoom app (the free account works fine) on your device.

No other apps or accounts are required at this time.
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