About PDMA

Take Charge… of Your career. Your business. Your performance. Your future.

We provide the skills, the tools, the techniques and the support for you to take charge of your personal performance and company productivity… whether you are:

  • an executive driving global change across cultures,
  • an entrepreneur looking to move your business to the next level, or
  • a working professional seeking to climb the corporate ladder.

Define Your Value

  • Assemble relevant, practical courses that are right for you across Business, Management, Technology, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth & Development – to help you improve your performance and take charge…
  • Our approach helps you transfer your learnings to your work environment in real-time – for real results – in ways that you prefer to learn. Benefit from the principles in theory to their applications in the field, along with the tools and tips to help you every step of the way…

We have been doing this from 2011, and we are utilizing technology to help you build your competence whenever you need it, wherever you are, at your own pace.

Who ‘We’ Are

The PDMA team is led by founder and CEO Faheem Mohammed – a qualified consultant, academic and business owner active in the field from 2003.

Consultant: Faheem has been consulting with organisations and entrepreneurs in the areas of Strategy, Innovation, Technology and Leadership from 2003 – working with leading institutions and government agencies in research, planning, policy development and strategy execution.

Academic: Faheem has been adjunct faculty at a leading Business School in the Caribbean since 2009, and later on served as Programme Director, Researcher, Advisor and Facilitator in academic and executive education workshops in business strategy, technology, marketing and service operations.

Business owner: Faheem has been involved in a number of businesses across diverse industries. Past & present ventures included Agri-business, Printing and packaging, Food & beverage, Import & distribution, Merchant banking & Islamic finance, Research and Consulting, Education and Not-for-Profit.

These complement his other project works across ICT, Public service, Insurance & financial planning, Shipping and logistics, Heavy manufacturing and Process plant industry…

Qualifications: Faheem holds a Master of Science in Strategic Business Information Technology (UK), a Bachelor of Science in Management (UK), Post-Grad Certification in Adult Education (UWI), and Diplomas in Theology and Ethics. He is presently a doctoral candidate in Leadership and Culture.

Other facilitators and partners are added based on the value they bring to the customer – not us. If the customer can benefit, then we’re in. If not, we prefer customer satisfaction – in the end that’s all that really matters. And our testimonials highlight that focus.

A Message from our Founder…

“Having been involved in a number of different sectors in various capacities – most of them I have been working or grinding while studying – I know the rigors. It’s never easy, but the payoff is huge. You get to mentally apply concepts live and see their benefits and drawbacks… alongside the need to focus on performance and not try to force fit a model to a unique environment, nor get caught up in academic debates.

“I worked under persons less qualified than me but they’re still in charge, with giant egos and massive insecurities – you know the type. Super compliant to their boss and cant say no, so they just shovel the shit down to you and you have to get it done, and make them look good. Its all bullshit. And there were times when I walked away and never looked back, and there were times when I couldn’t afford to, so I had to find another way just to stay alive in the rat race.

“As an executive, I recall the hostile environment – pressure from on top and beneath, while your peers trying to get ahead, even at your expense. Not to mention family – you’ll be lucky if they remember who you are. The whole buying books, watching videos, sifting through hundreds of websites… to try to get help solving a problem or keep abreast of what’s happening.

“As an entrepreneur, sometimes it was hard and it felt as if the whole world is burning around you. To be cash-strapped and having to find money to fund your inventory or just pay your bills. Other times, you are trying to complete 1 project or delivery and you have orders flying in, and guess what – no one cares that you have other things going on. The customers want to know they are getting priority treatment.

“It’s always surprising to hear someone quote something you said on a training program they were on years before, and say that set them on a different path, where they are now successful beyond what they could have imagined. I say surprising because it might be something I would say it in passing, and to me its just to help explain a point, but to them it made the world of difference – more than the point it was used to explain. But say what – different things matter to different people, and I’m just happy to be a part of their journey.

“It’s rewarding and gratifying to have someone call you up after a training and say they got the promotion, or finally cleared off their debt, or are spending more time with their families, or just got a good night’s sleep. And that kind of support is hard to come by – you either need big money to get the good practitioners, or be part of some sponsored program that is designed to take more than it gave. Or, spend hours and hours trying to find what you’re looking for, having to endure opposing views and tangents… in a large part that’s why we started PDMA, and that’s what we’re hoping to fix.

“At PDMA we know the struggles well, and the courses we offer or are working on isolate specific areas to help persons solve specific problems at a point in time, so they can spend less time trying to find the right information, or get through a course and exams, and spend more time on building their future in the way they envisioned. Taking charge of their future and the future of their company. That’s what PDMA is about.”

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