Powering Performance… this is the core focus and commitment we strive to ensure in every interaction…

…whether you sit as a company executive, maneuver as a business owner, contribute as a knowledge worker or working professional in (or as) as organisation.

Our team at PDMAcademy – panCaribbean Digital Management Academy – has been providing professional management and technology training and leadership development for over 2 decades.

Formalized in 2011, PDMAcademy represents the evolution of training services offered by Professional Alliance Network (Caribbean) Limited and its directors, and leverages real experience in the field, augmented by qualifications in the respective fields from recognized institutions throughout the globe.

All Sectors

We incorporate real-world examples that relate to businesses and manifest in work-life daily, within Extractive, Manufacturing, Services or the Digital Economy, or operating across sectors.

All Levels

From Start-up ventures and business planning, to strategic planning for expanding globalisation, or corporate turnaround to salvage brand value, our programs are well-suited to your needs.

Real Skills

From environmental analysis and internal scans to decision-making, resource management and execution, we focus on ensuring you leave each engagement with skills in hand to drive performance.

“Today, learning needs to be on-demand and flexible. Service providers need to provide relevant & transferable skills to learners who may well be actively engaged in a process and need support real-time.”

Faheem Mohammed – Learning in a Post-Covid Online Environment, Teachers’ Training Seminar, 2021


We offer key business benefits to help you stay competitive and add value to your market segments:

Linked to Competencies: considering the current operating reality and effect sustainable transformation and growth.

Structured Progression: on a journey from the known to the unknown… to ensure real-time sustainable value creation.

World-Class Instruction: We deploy proven and cutting-edge models and techniques delivered in simple language.

Action Learning: Interactive sessions that facilitate guided application and sufficient practice to take with you.

Application to Real-World Scenarios: With an array of examples, cases and tools to help you process your specific context and deploy tools effectively.

Flexible Timing: You study on your time, from wherever you are, and build the skills that you need, when you need them the most.

Founder/Principal: Faheem Mohammed

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panCaribbean’s vision is to be the preferred partner to a global client base for effective business solutions in a dynamic world.


panCaribbean’s mission is to deploy innovative strategic management and technology solutions tailored to an expanding client-network, driving organisational sustainability and growth alongside individual competence and contribution.