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CHT Self Study
Business Studies Institute
6 hours
In this course we review the construct of Computing Hardware Technology – the components, the drivers and the trends, which define use-cases ...
6 Lectures
6 hours
TFN Self Study 2
"...explore component parts of technology and their relationships; key trends and underpinning laws that steer technological development, to be abl...
39 Lectures
24 hours
2 day Business Bootcamp
Business Studies Institute
12 hours
The business operating environment today is undergoing rapid change, driven by a range of shifting factors that feature both within and beyond the ...
4 Lectures
12 hours
Institute of Marketing & Sales
10 hours
The SMstudy® Certified Web Analytics Professional course introduces marketing specialists or enthusiasts to the world of website analytics and how ...
10 hours
Institute of Marketing & Sales
10 hours
Manage the company's rankings in paid and organic listings on search engine result pages, achieve the marketing objectives and monitor the key metr...
10 hours


Andrew B.
Plant Operator & Entrepreneur

“After applying the techniques taught, I experienced almost immediate, positive changes in my cash flows.... The course helped me to dissect and focus on the different areas of running a business..."

Donna A.
Business Owner & NGO Executive

“Your course was worth every hour that I spent… There is just so much one can learn from your course, planning, building communities in a structured manner…”

Leadership Course Participant
Youth Activist & Council Executive

“Excellent Course, would like other members of my [organisation] to attend next cycle.”

Mark K.
IT & Marketing Consultant

“As my confidence grew, it was further positively reflected in my line of work… From creating more ‘value for money’ solutions to strategically & critically assessing developments in technology…”

ILM Participant
Community Executive

“...I really enjoyed this course... this skill is NECESSARY for upliftment of the Community. Please run this course again and let me be informed.... I have many persons to recommend this program to."


Glennis H.
Executive Director

“In terms of knowledge and skill, you are on par and above in some cases in respect to competitors.”

Executive In-Sight Magazine

Make Technology Work for You, Not You Work for It

In this episode our CEO Faheem Mohammed answers some pointed questions on the impacts and the value of technology to the working professional today and into the future. Read the transcript following, catch the audio podcast episode Or view the interview on YouTube Will technology steal my job? That’s a very popular question and a […]

Posted in: Podcast, Technology,
Tags: digital, experience, future, jobs, technology, work,
Technology & The Future for Non-IT Professionals

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives today, whether it’s through our direct interface or working silently in the background.

From smartphones to computers, AI to virtual reality, technology is everywhere and has a profound impact on the way we live, work and operate, as businesses. As technology continues to evolve and shape the world, it’s becoming increasingly important for non-IT professionals and entrepreneurs to have a basic understanding of technology and its applications, there are many benefits they can reap from doing so.

Posted in: General,
Tags: business owners, computing, entrepreneurs, innovation, nonIT, professionals, technology,
The Evolution of Business Today

The business operating environment today is undergoing rapid change, driven by a range of shifting factors that feature both within and beyond the control of central decision-makers and management. For some, these changes present opportunities for them to realize their vision for their business(es), while for others the changes are hard to figure out and […]

Posted in: General,
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