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Andrew B.
Plant Operator & Entrepreneur

“After applying the techniques taught, I experienced almost immediate, positive changes in my cash flows.... The course helped me to dissect and focus on the different areas of running a business..."

Donna A.
Business Owner & NGO Executive

“Your course was worth every hour that I spent… There is just so much one can learn from your course, planning, building communities in a structured manner…”

Leadership Course Participant
Youth Activist & Council Executive

“Excellent Course, would like other members of my [organisation] to attend next cycle.”

Mark K.
IT & Marketing Consultant

“As my confidence grew, it was further positively reflected in my line of work… From creating more ‘value for money’ solutions to strategically & critically assessing developments in technology…”

ILM Participant
Community Executive

“...I really enjoyed this course... this skill is NECESSARY for upliftment of the Community. Please run this course again and let me be informed.... I have many persons to recommend this program to."


Glennis H.
Executive Director

“In terms of knowledge and skill, you are on par and above in some cases in respect to competitors.”

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Studying Online: Getting the Most Out of Your Online Studies

Studying online is not your typical classroom environment. Replacing an immersive environment with a screen leaves a lot of room for distractions, competing interests, and technology fatigue, in addition to placing much more emphasis on self-focus and mental discipline to stay the course (pun unintended but achieved). What is the difference when studying online? There […]

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The Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting and the Future of Work

One issue that keeps coming up in conversations today is the great resignation. People leaving their jobs, companies hiring or looking for talent, employers with very different positions on remote work and work from home policies, youths and quiet quitting… its being called the great resignation, or the great attrition. But what’s really happening here, […]

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Inflation, Supply Chain Disruption & The Future of Global Business

In this episode we are looking at the issues of Inflation and Supply Chain Disruption and what that means for The Future of Business Inflation refers to the increases in prices of goods and services, and on the flip side the fall in the purchasing value of money. And it makes sense, the more expensive […]

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