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After applying the techniques taught, I experienced almost immediate, positive changes in my cash flows. My business is performing much better than before because of marketing.

Andrew B., Entrepreneur & Plant Operator

“The quality of the service was of a high standard… In terms of knowledge and skill, you are on par and above in some cases in respect to competitors.”

Glennis H., Executive Director

“..I really enjoyed this course. Regrets that more leaders were not present as this skill is NECESSARY for upliftment for the Community… I have many persons to recommend this program to. A very high level course…”

Riyad M., Community Activist

“As my confidence grew… it was further positively reflected in my line of work… From creating more ‘value for money’ solutions to strategically & critically assessing developments in technology…”

Mark K., Entrepreneur, Investor & Consultant

“…a wealth of knowledge that he was able to apply “across the board”, with a practical and logical approach… ideal for a student who was thinking of starting their own business, such as myself.”

Rishi G., Employed Professional in Oil & Gas

“Your course was worth every hour that I spent… There is just so much one can learn from your course, planning, building communities in a structured manner…”

Donna A., Corporate Director & Community Activist

Executive In-Sight: Articles on Matters that Matter

  • Powering Innovation in the Face of Scarcity
    You have probably heard this before, if you haven’t said it yourself, “I told them exactly what they needed to do, but they didn’t listen.” Or perhaps the expression, “The (expensive, or foreign…?) consultant told them exactly what was proposed to them before, but they didn’t listen then… now they decided it’s a good idea.” […]
  • Building a Sound Digital Literacy Foundation
    Technology today is everywhere that we are. In our work, in our homes, in our interactions, in entertainment, in our travel and in commerce. Technology is not a nice-to-have, but a necessity. Digital is now the new real estate. A computer or a smartphone is a tool that helps businesses to identify value, create it, […]
  • Student Debt and the Future of Learning
    One would expect the student debt market to mature, and while that may mean less default risk assumed by the lenders on one hand, it would also serve to ensure the education business model remains viable and lucrative for investors, on the other.