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Business Case Design & Delivery

Business Case Design & Delivery Course Brochure June 2022

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This course is useful if you are responsible for presenting new projects, programs, or products to central decision-makers (such as your VP, CEO or Board of Directors). The skills are also useful if you are seeking to present and justify increased resource allocation for your department or branch.


This course will help you to develop and present a business case to decision-makers in an organisation. It assumes no prior experience, and walks you through key areas in the process:

  • Know what a business case is
  • Know when it is used
  • What the key elements of a business case are
  • The steps and logic in building a business case
  • The key considerations for presenting a business case
  • Tips, tricks and strategies to increase your impact on your audience


This course is designed to assist the efforts of:

  • Department and Branch Managers,
  • Plant Engineers,
  • Operations and Maintenance Managers,
  • IT Professionals,
  • Project Managers,
  • Marketing and HR Professionals,
  • Professional Service Contractors, Consultants and Entrepreneurs,
  • Team Leads and other technical professionals.


Your facilitator for this course is: Mr. Faheem Mohammed

Faheem has over two decades of experience in strategic management and technology consultancy, and leadership roles, across agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors.

From multinational organisations to enterprise start-up ventures, Faheem draws on extensive exposure in entrepreneurship, technology, management, finance and adult-education sectors, where he was responsible for organisation design, programme and service design and execution. He has also been involved in strategic planning interventions and facilitation at the national, sector and firm levels.

He has actively designed and executed research, consultancy and training programs for national and commercial sector clients, leading engagements to stakeholder groups including vendors, customers, regulators and partners. He work has taken him to countries throughout the Caribbean, North and South America, United Kingdom, the Indo-Pak subcontinent and Asia.

Faheem is currently pursuing his Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) at the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business. He has a MSc in Strategic Business Information Technology and a BSc in Management Studies.


This is a self-study course, with recorded lectures and application exercises to build your competence.

As part of PDMA service design, the LiveLink features allows you individual facetime with the facilitator where you can get clarification on your study, assistance and feedback on your activities, and even support for your project, as part of the course of study.

  • LiveLink is an interactive session with you and the facilitator to clarify or get support and advice on your application of the course learnings.
  • This appointment-only facility is available to you as part of your course experience, at no extra charge.
  • Access LiveLink through your elearning platform link provided or by simply emailing us at: admin@pdmacademy.com


Study Materials

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Enrolled: 35 students
Duration: 6 hours
Lectures: 12
Video: 1 hour
Level: Advanced
Business Case Design & Delivery
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