Technology Fundamentals for Non-IT Professionals: Self-Study

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This course will help business professionals understand technology – how it works, what to expect and key trends shaping the future of businesses.

The course will explore component parts of technology and their relationships; key trends and underpinning laws that steer technological development, to be able to see the big-picture IT and leverage it for various purposes and goals.

The ‘triple threat’ of covid, climate change and technology disruption are changing the business environment and basis of global trade. Executives, business owners and working professionals need to understand the basic building blocks of technology, to be able to effectively engage IT service providers, clients and upstream professionals with confidence, with performance impact and to get results.

The course gives a practical, contemporary view of tech. to power performance in real time in the workplace or home office.

It assumes no prior background in computer studies.


  1. You will learn the building blocks that make up technology and how they relate to each other and to business
  2. Present trends in technology and their impacts on work performance
  3. How technology fits to processes to drive business and individual performance
  4. Communication concerns and appropriate language to interact more effectively with IT professionals, to make better decisions
  5. What is required to establish efficient data management structures and supporting infrastructure to enhance your access to, and use of, data


This course is suitable for company executives, business owners, CFOs, operations management, business administration, management and technical professionals (across engineering, advertising and media, supply chain, consulting, legal, medical, education, security, hospitality, facilities and freelance professionals)


Faheem has over 2 decades of involvement in ICT training, consulting and research at company, sector and national levels. His roles included:

  • program director for IT Management masters program at a Caribbean Business School (UWI);
  • Business IT faculty on MBA, Marketing, Supply Chain and Public Sector masters programs, executive education courses, and
  • consulting engagements in digital transformation and technology strategy for growing organisations and start-ups.

He holds a MSc in Strategic Business IT, BSc in Management, and Graduate Certificates in Adult Education, amongst others.


This is a self-study course, with recorded lectures and application exercises to build your competence.

As part of PDMA service design, the LiveLink features allows you individual face-time with the facilitator where you can get clarification on your study, assistance and feedback on your activities, and even support for your project, as part of the course of study.

  • LiveLink is an interactive session with you and the facilitator to clarify or get support and advice on your application of the course learnings.
  • This appointment-only facility is available to you as part of your course experience, at no extra charge.
  • Access LiveLink through your elearning platform link provided or by simply emailing us at:


Technology Overview

Course Introduction Technology
7.59 mins
Technology Overview 1 Our Understanding of Technology
3.00 mins
Technology Overview 2 Technology Tools
5.08 mins
Technology Overview 3 Technology Expectations
4.21 mins
Technology Overview 4 Component Parts of Technology
3.02 mins

Computer Hardware Technology

Computer Hardware 1 Overview, Input Devices
3.41 mins
Computer Hardware 2 Computing Processors
4.07 mins
Computer Hardware 3 Storage Constructs
5.24 mins
Computer Hardware 4 Output Devices
5.00 mins
Computer Hardware 5 Power, Ports
4.37 mins
Computer Hardware 6 Purchasing a System
7.39 mins

Computer Networking Overview

Computer Networking 1 Foundation Concepts
2.04 mins
Computer Networking 2 Topologies, TCP
7.48 mins
Computer Networking 3 Transmission Media Channels
6.17 mins
Computer Networking 4 Area Networks
3.41 mins
The Internet 1 Physical
2.36 mins
The Internet 2 World Wide Web
5.26 mins
The Internet 3 Qualitative
5.50 mins

Software Technologies

Software 1 Levels of Software
7.35 mins
Software 2 Mobile Apps
4.40 mins
Software 3 Key Software Challenges
5.18 mins
Software 4 The Evolution of Software
6.26 mins

Data & Data Management

Data 1 The Nature of Data
9.11 mins
Data 2 Data as a Resource
7.05 mins
Data 3 Data Management Policies
4.20 mins
Data 4 Databases
7.09 mins
Data 5 Trends in Data
2.43 mins

Operating Risk

Operating Risk Overview
Cybersecurity 1 Security Threats
7.31 mins
Cybersecurity 2 Software
5.50 mins
Cybersecurity 3 Detection
4.36 mins
Cybersecurity 4 Solutions
6.43 mins
Business Continuity Planning
10.55 mins
Ethical Use
8.10 mins

Final Assessment

Technology Fundamentals Final Assessment
1 question

This quiz has 10 questions and you have 30 minutes to complete it. Once your score is 80% or over, you would earn a verifiable certificate that would be immediately available for your access.

This course is suitable for all Non-IT professionals who want to understand the basics of technology as a resource for organisations. Target audience includes company executives, business owners, CFOs, operations management, business administration, management and technical professionals (across engineering, advertising and media, supply chain, consulting, legal, medical, education, security, hospitality, facilities and freelance professionals).
The course price is listed in the information available on the site. For processing payments, cards issued within Trinidad and Tobago are charged in TT$, while cards issued outside of Trinidad and Tobago would be charged in USD. We use WiPay payment processors - find out more at
The intended outcome is that you know (1) what components make up technology, (2) what is required to make decisions within organisations for each component, (3) how they inter-relate with each other and with organisations, (4) key laws governing technology components, and the present trends (and business challenges) that relate to components, and technology as a whole.
Yes. We make all study materials available on our platform. These include Videos, Transcripts and 1Tools as applicable used in the respective areas, along with links to other resources as required.
To register for the course you would need to create an account on To access the live sessions, you would need the Zoom app (the free account works fine) on your device. No other apps or accounts are required at this time.
Yes. At the end of the course, you have one 30-minute quiz to attempt.
Yes. On completion of the course, having gained a mark of 80% or above, a verifiable PDMAcademy Certificate is automatically issued to you.

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Technology Fundamentals for Non-IT Professionals: Self-Study
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