“Your course was worth every hour that I spent… There is just so much one can learn from your course, planning, building communities in a structured manner…”
Business Owner & NGO Director
My business was being run by sheer enthusiasm and wit… Now I have added precise knowledge & learned business skill & strategy to that. The course helped me to dissect and focus on the different areas of running a business such as Legal, HR, Finance, Operations and Marketing…”
Business Man
“I really enjoyed this course. Regrets that more leaders were not present as this skill is NECESSARY for upliftment for the community. Please run this course again and let me be informed…. I have many persons to recommend this program to. A very high level course…”
Organisation Executive
After applying the techniques thought, I experienced almost immediate, positive changes in my cash flows”
Business Owner
“From creating more “value for money” solutions to strategically & critically assessing developments in technology, this knowledge had quite a significant impact on my future.”
Digital Consultant
“In terms of knowledge and skill, you are on par and above in some cases in respect to competitors.”
Executive Director
NGO – Caribbean Region
“Within a few months, I was able to increase the services that I offered, and, in doing so, my clientele has increased. Mr. Mohammed has now become a trusted advisor…”
Business Owner
Medical Lab
“The Facilitator had a wealth of knowledge that he was able to apply “across the board”, with a practical and logical approach”
Process Plant Engineer
Business Start-up Entrepreneur
“This was definitely a fun and interactive course.”
IT Manager
Local Conglomerate
“This course has provided a fresh outlook and has developed my skills and has added value to my posture as a professional and for that I am thankful.”
Network Technician
Advertising Agency
“The knowledge from the tutorship and the experience from the assignments have created the platform to launch in to technology entrepreneurship, providing innovations and solutions towards the improvement of my country’s economy, environment and society.”
Placeholder Image
Marketing IT Associate
Auditing & Consulting Firm
“The training was and still is a huge factor in my marketing strategy. I believe what I’ve learned from your knowledge and experience taught me a lot on the proper way to market my business and what to look for when using social media”
Business Owner – Florida
“…the lectures were able to manufacture ideas that were unique to my business. This helped me to think outside the box. This really excited me.”
Start-up Business Owner
Rental Services
“There is an overwhelming feeling that I have acquired or more so rejuvenated to execute the knowledge gained to better handle my business venture.”
Business Analyst &
Entrepreneur – Guyana
“All doubts about starting my own venture have been removed”
Telecom Contractor
My business is performing much better than before because of marketing.”
Start-up Business Owner
Construction Equipment
The facilitator was able to provide all of the practical experience and case study pieces that lacked the business-to-technology alignment aspects from the other courses.

This focused approach not only enhanced all theoretical principles but successfully stimulated my thinking of competitive advantage…
IT Consultant
“As my confidence grew through the lectures and interactions, it was further positively reflected in my line of work. From creating more “value for money” solutions to strategically & critically assessing developments in technology, his knowledge had quite a significant impact on my future.”
Freelance Professional
Digital Marketing
“On a personal and a technology professional note… I began the course excitedly, hoping for guidance to create my own business, but soon realized, there is much to learn along the way. The guidance of exploring an actual idea brought clarity and understanding to all concepts and shift our minds to think beyond the technology. I can say, I have a different view of the business world and have greater respect for those who have tried and those who have succeeded.”
Management Consultant
Auditing & Consulting Firm
“The course was very insightful and relevant for me as a young professional with a focus on leadership, innovation, and value delivery in the corporate realm.This particular course was structured in a very unique way… this was probably the most engaging activity I have encountered. With the guidance of frameworks, I was able to understand my weaknesses and areas which I needed to improve on. I was able to spot the opportunity, gain the buy-in from my business partners, formulate the business model, etc. My team saw the massive potential in creating value for our customer segments and we have agreed to pursue the venture further beyond this course.

I found the course very enlightening and the lecturer very knowledgeable and experienced in the field. Going forward, I will certainly be using the knowledge and skills acquired from this course to pursue my own venture using the methods prescribed. I think this is a highly practical and impactful course, especially in a world where the proliferation and democratization of technology makes it possible for anyone to formulate an idea and start a venture from the comfort of their homes.”
Hugh – Employee
Insurance Administration
“I am now able to segment my idea or identified opportunity into smaller more manageable pieces allowing me to tackle each to its fullest potential to enable greater alignment of each function i.e., I am now better equipped to identify and classify sub-functions as well as itemize the resource needs of each and determine their interrelated parts; especially as it was adapted for use in our group venture”
Student-Graudate & Start-up Entrepreneur
“With the knowledge I gained from this course I will use it as a springboard to launch my own entrepreneurship venture within the next three years. Whilst there is no guarantee of success, this course has instilled in me the good values/core competencies of an entrepreneur and I am confident enough to start my own venture.

Additionally, in my own free time I would look at businesses around me and try to map their own business model. This gives me a sort of blueprint into what the market niche, customer segments, revenue streams of these businesses are and helps me understand them even further.”
Ian – Employee
Banking & Finance – Guyana
“This course has been a very interesting and interactive.

The capabilities I have acquired in this course now allows me to present compelling business cases to my board, and look at the market to identify ways I can establish myself as entrepreneur.

I believe this course has been a benefit not only to my firm but the development of my personal business.

This course has provided a fresh outlook and has developed my skills and has added value to my posture as a professional and for that I am thankful.”
Timothy – Employee
Government Regulatory Agency
“The impact of the learnings thus far have established introspection and evaluation of my current role in my organization and society and future intentions. I see myself in that capacity in my current role at my organization, championing the cause for continuous improvement, evaluating the strategic operative strategies towards competitive advantage and the value proposition, and ensure solutions are supported by  a positive employee culture.

However, after many years in the industry as an executioner and operator, I have engaged in personal development to transition into a leadership role. I intend to use it in my entrepreneurial development. The enlightenment has also triggered my interest to reassess my current dormant business, revamping from vision to mission and evaluate the possibility of charting a new course where I may achieve entrepreneurship and financial elevation.”
Jerry – Senior Manager
Advertising & Marketing Services Industry

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