Live: Technology Fundamentals for Non-IT Professionals

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Course Brochure: Tech Fundamentals for Non-IT Professionals

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This course helps business professionals to understand technology – how it works, what to expect and key trends shaping the future of businesses.

In this course we will explore the parts of technology and how they relate; key trends and underpinning laws that steer tech. development, to be able to see the big-picture IT and leverage it as a resource to achieve outcomes.

The ‘triple threat’ of Covid, climate change and technology disruption are changing the business environment and basis of global trade. Executives, business owners and working professionals need to understand the basic elements of technology, and be able to engage IT service providers, clients and upstream professionals with confidence and with performance impact.

Suitable for executives, business owners, management and technical professionals, the course gives a practical, contemporary view of tech. to power performance in real time in the workplace or home office.

Learning Outcomes

1. What is the nature, components and architecture of technology

2. Contemporary trends in technology and their potential impact on performance

3. How to fit technology to processes more effectively and efficiently to drive performance

4. How to interact more effectively with IT professionals, and make better decisions

5. How to establish efficient data management structures to enhance your access to and use of data

Target Audience

This course is suitable for company executives, business owners, CFOs, operations management, management and technical professionals (across engineering, advertising and media, supply chain, consulting, legal, medical, education, security, hospitality, facilities and freelance professionals)

Course Facilitator

Faheem has over 2 decades of involvement in ICT training, consulting and research at company, sector and national levels. His roles included:

  • program director for IT Management masters program at a Caribbean Business School;
  • faculty on MBA, Marketing, Supply Chain and Public Sector masters programs and executive education courses
  • consultant for digital transformation and technology strategy for growing organisations and start-ups.

He holds a MSc in Strategic Business IT, BSc in Management, and Graduate Certificates in Adult Education, amongst others.

What others have said:

“…[The Facilitator] was able to provide all of the practical experience… that lacked the business-to-technology alignment aspects from the other classes. This focused approach not only enhanced all theoretical principles but successfully stimulated my thinking of competitive advantage…” Mark K., Consultant & Investor

[The Facilitator] had a wealth of knowledge that he was able to apply “across the board”, with a practical and logical approach – which was ideal for a student who was thinking of starting their own business, such as myself.” Rishi G., Department Manager & SME Owner


This course is scheduled to start on Monday, May 9th, 2022

Classes are live, via Zoom, from 6.30 – 8.30 pm (GMT -4.00)

All materials would be available via the course platform.

Technology Overview
2 hours

In this session we introduce technology, explore the various forms tech. takes, and examine how it has and continue to work with, alongside (and in some cases in place of) humans.

Computer Hardware
2 hours

In this lesson, we unpack the various categories of hardware, understand the trends and drivers of trends in each category, and explore the fundamental laws that shape the evolution of hardware.

Networking Concepts and Constructs
2 hours

In this lesson, we examine the key elements that make up networks, and the different views that relate to networking. We consider present trends and their drivers, and the Internet and its constructs as basis of future inter-connectivity.

Software Structures and Solutions
2 hours

In this lesson, we unpack software in its various forms, and what we need to consider for its effective use in ventures and organisations. Trends are explored, as are common issues and challenges in the deployment of software within organsiations.

The Data Environment
2 hours

In this lesson, data as a resource is explored in depth. We consider key constructs, approaches to frame and manage data, and tools to get the most value from your data within a functional lifecycle.

Security, Continuity & Ethical Risks
2 hours

In this lesson we explore the areas of computer security, business continuity and ethical use - all from the view of present opportunities and threats, impacts and implications on a business, and key solutions in terms of approaches and tools... all to ensure we are proactive and prepared for eventualities.

No. The course assumes no prior experience with technology.
The course is not designed for building or repairing computers. Rather, it introduces the participant to technology that is impacting performance in the workplace, and the components, relationships and jargon used in engaging technology as a resource.
You may not need this course if you are comfortable in your knowledge of the components of hardware, software, networks and data and operating risks such as computer security and continuity. If you do have gaps in any of the above areas, or in the study of technology itself, then you may well benefit from the course.
Yes - once your attendance and activities' completion meet the stated requirements, you will be issued a certificate on completion.
The facilitator for this course is Mr. Faheem Mohammed. Please see the course brochure for further details.
Classes begin on Monday May 9th, 2022, at 6.30 pm (GMT -4.00).
Classes are set at 2 hours each, over the duration of the course. This course is set to run over 6 weeks.

Live classes start Monday 9th May, 2022.

Classes are 6.30 to 8.30 pm (GMT - 4.00)

Zoom link available on registration

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Live: Technology Fundamentals for Non-IT Professionals
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