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We cover the foundation of the Marketing function in business, and build on this to explore strategies, techniques and approaches to reach your audience, stay top-of-mind, get them excited about your products and services and stay loyal to your brand.

You will be able to define the marketing path that best suits you, and build from there to execute effective marketing and achieve your sales targets.

Firms today are facing increased pressure to deliver digital services, with increased online competition, and are required to exert more effort to attract tech-weary or increasingly demanding customers.

And while there are TONS of online material and tips on Digital and Social Media Marketing, each one can take a business owner into different directions, engage in conflicting strategies and create confusion on which approach would be best to pursue and invest scarce resources.

How do you activate the right channels and instruments to fit your business and brand, and spend the right time and effort on those marketing activities that would deliver results?

Learning Outcomes

  1. How to define a marketing plan to guide you through your activities over the long haul
  2. How to create and position your brand to a target segment of the market
  3. How to configure your products and services to ensure customer uptake
  4. The way to select, activate and optimize social media and digital channels to have them work for you.
  5. How to build simple instruments and content to share on your social platforms
  6. Key measures and metrics to help you track your progress, adjust your strategies and get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for anyone with the responsibility to develop marketing strategy, programs and communicate with an external audience. This course is especially beneficial for company executives, business owners, marketing team leads, advertising and media professionals, freelance professionals, NGO PROs and communications personnel.

Course Facilitator

Faheem has over 2 decades of involvement in ICT training, consulting and research at company, sector and national levels. His roles included:

  • program director for IT Management masters program at a Caribbean Business School;
  • faculty on MBA, Marketing, Supply Chain and Public Sector masters programs and executive education courses
  • consultant for digital transformation and technology strategy for growing organisations and start-ups.

He holds a MSc in Strategic Business IT, BSc in Management, and Graduate Certificates in Adult Education, amongst others.

What others have said:

My business was being run by sheer enthusiasm and wit… Now I have added precise knowledge & learned business skill & strategy to that… After applying the techniques thought, I experienced almost immediate, positive changes in my cash flows. My business is performing much better than before because of marketing.”  

Andrew B., Business Owner and Plant Operator

“As my confidence grew through his lectures and interactions, it was further positively reflected in my line of work. From creating more “value for money” solutions to strategically & critically assessing developments”

Mark K., Entrepreneur, Investor & Consultant

“[The Facilitator] had a wealth of knowledge that he was able to apply “across the board”, with a practical and logical approach – which was ideal for a student who was thinking of starting their own business, such as myself.”

Rishi G., Department Manager & SME Owner


This course is scheduled to start on Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

Classes are live, via Zoom, from 6.30 – 8.30 pm (GMT -4.00)

All materials would be available via the course platform.

The Business of Marketing and Marketing for Business
2 hours

In this session, we explore the foundation of marketing as a management function and as a practice. We explore the constructs, the assumptions and the expectations of what makes great marketing.

Defining Your Marketing Strategy
2 hours

In this session, we explore marketing strategy configuration, marketing planning and audience outcomes in the context of a rapidly evolving global consumer marketplace. Defining your customer journey through your sales platform & pipeline are considered in depth.

Creating Your Brand
2 hours

In this session, we consider the brand and buyer components to help you establish the right position for your products and your organisation. How to gain loyalty, and leverage it for real-time returns are explored in depth.

Activating Channels for Maximum Impact
2 hours

With soo many digital platforms evolving alongside established media channels, which channels, against which outcomes, are assessed to help you make the right choices and establish a consistent message to your audience.

Creating and Executing Campaigns
2 hours

In this session, we explore how to define and develop your presence to get the impressions, the engagement and the follow through by your potential customers in order to realize the objectives of your marketing plans.

Tracking Key Measures and Metrics
2 hours

In this session, we explore what to measure, what it means, and how it all connects to give you the ability to track your performance throughout your marketing programs to inform adjustments and ensure responsiveness to market changes.

No. The course assumes no prior experience with either marketing or social media. We start from zero.
The course is not designed for building graphics. We do consider some simple ways to develop instruments, but that is a separate course that would be offered in the coming months. This course introduces the participant to marketing planning and strategy, and its execution, to enhance sales and customer service performance.
You may not need this course if you are comfortable with your ability to set marketing goals, engage your audience and get results. If you do have gaps in any of the above areas, or are unsure of any aspects, then you will benefit from this course.
Yes - once your attendance and activities' completion meet the stated requirements, you will be issued a certificate of professional achievement from PDMAcademy on completion.
The facilitator for this course is Mr. Faheem Mohammed. Please see the course brochure for further details.
Classes begin on Wednesday May 11th, 2022, at 6.30 pm (GMT -4.00).
Classes are set at 2 hours each, over the duration of the course. This course is set to run over 6 weeks.

Live classes start Wednesday 11th May, 2022.

Classes are 6.30 to 8.30 pm (GMT - 4.00)

Zoom link available on registration

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Live: Digital Marketing for Business Owners