Technology today is everywhere that we are. In our work, in our homes, in our interactions, in entertainment, in our travel and in commerce. Technology is not a nice-to-have, but a necessity.

Digital is now the new real estate. A computer or a smartphone is a tool that helps businesses to identify value, create it, and deliver to users all over the world. Add to that, people want to feel valued as a customer, and to get consistent service every time.

To achieve that, businesses need to be able to automate routine work so that persons don’t get bogged down in low-value tasks. That frees up time to focus on those tasks that really matter.

If a business today can capture the right data, it can inform with precision what they buy, who they sell it to, and how and where product is delivered.

And of course, businesses want to be able to do that consistently at scale – whether its for 20 persons in their community or 2 million across the globe.

Anyone today can redefine who they are as a professional, just by their ability to understand technology and how they can use it to get things done.

If they can understand how it works and what it must do for them, they can reach a lot further, a lot faster, with lower costs.

It requires the ability to see the connection of the performance demands by a system to bandwidth, or of data needs to the right software, to make this happen.

The more anyone today can do that, faster, the more they win.

This course Technology Fundamentals for Non-IT Professionals, offered by PDMAcademy, is designed to help anyone to gain a command of technology – what it is, how it works and what it can deliver, to put persons in control of technology, not the other way around, and have it work for them.