Accessing PDMA courses involves 3 easy steps:

  1. Browse, select and purchase your course at
  2. ‘Add to Cart’, & then ‘Checkout’
  3. Get your account login credentials, sign in & start studying.

    Note: you would need a valid email address to register. You need a valid credit card to make the payment. Payments are accepted by Bank Transfer, through your Credit Card (using WiPay Credit Card), or via cash / debit cards (using WiPay Vouchers).
  • Once the transaction is processed, you are automatically enrolled on the course, and would receive a first email from PDMAcademy notifying you of your order and a second confirming your order. Both are delivered to your email address provided above – be sure you have access to it.
  • When the order is processed, you will receive via email your login credentials (username and password). In addition you will receive a link to access the PDMA Training Platform.

Once you have signed in, you would see a list of courses to which you are enrolled. Click on the link for the course desired and let your journey begin.

Courses on-demand:

PDMAcademy offers On-Demand course which you can pursue at your own pace, on your own time, anywhere in the world you are. Each On-Demand course delivers content to you through dynamic media lectures, text-based resources, and ongoing developmental assessments with real-time responsiveness, and practical application exercises.

While pursuing an on-demand course, you have access at different points to our facilitation team through our LiveLink service. Through this, you have live access via video-conference to an assigned facilitator, where you can clarify issues in understanding or applying the technical content of the course of study. See below to find out more.

All content are in standard english language, and are configured to demand 1 hour of study per session.

Live classes:

Periodically, PDMAcademy offers live classes in select courses each week over the duration of the course. Browse our courses catalog to find out more about which classes are offered at what times.

Live classes are delivered in standard english language, and are configured to demand 2 hours of study per session, with one session weekly. Scheduled class are typically conducted in Atlantic Standard Time (AST) timezones.

Live Classes and LiveLink Service:

To participate in live online sessions or to access our facilitation team for your LiveLink service, we use, and you would need access to Zoom video conferencing app (available on Android, the App Store or from Zoom via

With these convenient options, you can steer your studies from your phone or tablet and stay connected to the content that matters, when you need it the most.


We are here to help. If you want further information or need help getting online, shoot us an email at