Technology Fundamentals for Business Professionals

The ‘triple threat’ of covid, climate change and technology disruption are changing the business environment and basis of global trade. Executives, business owners and working professionals need to understand the basic elements of technology, and be able to engage IT service providers, clients and upstream professionals with confidence and with performance impact.

This course will help business professionals understand technology – how it works, what to expect and key trends shaping the future of businesses. The course will explore component parts of technology and their relationships; key trends and underpinning laws that steer tech. development, to be able to see the big-picture IT and leverage it as needed.

Suitable for executives, business owners, management and technical professionals, the course gives a practical, contemporary view of tech. to power performance in real time in the workplace or home office.

Technology Overview
2 hours
In this session we introduce technology, explore the various forms tech. takes, and examine how it has and continue to work with, alongside (and in some cases in place of) humans.
Computer Hardware
Networking Concepts and Constructs
Software Structures and Solutions
The Data Environment
Security, Continuity & Ethical Risks
No. The course assumes no prior experience with technology.
The course is not designed for building or repairing computers. Rather, it introduces the participant to technology that is impacting performance in the workplace, and the components, relationships and jargon used in engaging technology as a resource.
You may not need this course if you are comfortable in your knowledge of the components of hardware, software, networks and data and operating risks such as computer security and continuity. If you do have gaps in any of the above areas, or in the study of technology itself, then you may well benefit from the course.
Yes - once your attendance and activities' completion meet the stated requirements, you will be issued a certificate on completion.
Please see the course brochure for details.
Classes begin on Monday February 7th, 2022, at 6.30 pm (AST).
Classes are set at 2 hours each, over the duration of the course. This course is set to run over 6 weeks.

Live class starts Monday February 7th, 2022Classes are 6.30 to 8.30 pm

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Technology Fundamentals for Business Professionals