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PanCaribbean Digital Management Academy is has been involved in the online delivery of professional workshops and personal development programs for over 2 decades.

Formalized in 2011, PDMAcademy represents the evolution of training services offered by Professional Alliance Network (Caribbean) Limited and its directors, and leverages considerable expertise including the following:

  • Exposure across a range of sectors including manufacturing, global retail, banking and non-bank financial intermediation, education, professional services, I.T, agriculture and macro and SME ventures.
  • Beneficiaries including business owners, central decision makers, technical professionals and functional experts, frontline and back office administrative personnel.
  • Companies across a range of business and operating sizes and structures, all of this informs the design and delivery methods to ensure you benefit from focused, applied, holistic and relevant training services that you need – when you need it.

“Today, learning needs to be on-demand and flexible. Service providers need to provide relevant & transferrable skills to learners who may well be actively engaged in a process and need support real-time.”

Faheem Mohammed – Learning in a Post-Covid Online Environment, Teachers’ Training Seminar, 2021


We offer key benefits to business to help you stay competitive

  • Linked to Competencies: considering the current operating reality and effect sustainable transformation and growth.
  • Structured Progression: We journey with our participants from the known to the unknown in a coherent and holistic approach – to ensure real-time sustainable value creation.
  • World-Class Instruction: We deploy proven and cutting-edge models and techniques delivered in simple language.
  • Action Learning: Our approach includes the adoption of interactive sessions that facilitate genuine enquiry and guided application.
  • Application to Real-World Scenarios: We believe that one’s learning is as effective as one’s ability to apply the learning to effectively realise defined goals. Our programs provide an effective medium for both offering guidance and lending a critical eye.
  • Flexible Timing: our programs are designed to optimise scope and depth in the working timeframes – to ensure that participants are able and available to benefit fully moving forward.
  • Multiple Delivery Channels: face time sessions augment internet-based technologies to allow participants to interact and benefit from the diversity of perspectives.
  • Scalable Interventions: we scale each intervention to include:
    • Production of Training Manuals
    • Venue & Catering
    • Accommodation
    • Transport & Ground Transfers


PanCaribbean’s vision is to be the preferred partner to a global client base for effective business solutions in a dynamic world.


PanCaribbean’s mission is to deploy innovative strategic management and technology solutions tailored to an expanding client-network, driving organisational sustainability and growth alongside individual competence and contribution.